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Threads of fate

Behold thefine threads of fate 

Woven neatly through times ahead
Peering through the race of mankind

Walking among the land of dead
Threads coloured black and blue

Mine coloured the rosy red
Weaving through the colours of life

Wondering where the divine lead
My thread bent and swirled and twined

Till it lost its rosy red
Now among the darkest lines 

A little bit rosy, a tad bit bruised,

A little bit tainted with the colour of dead


The dead poet

Who and why do you cry for?A dead mans heart beats no more,

What breaths he held upon his lips,

Down the burial ground go pour,

Death of a man the world behold,

But dead men die once no more,

Dead was the day his heart was broke,

Today a soulless body had a stroke,

Cries and weeps and screams and shreaks

Won’t bring him back and bring back what for?

All the lost love’s vigor?

bring him back once what for?

All the dreams that hurt no more?

bring him back once what for?

All the pain of loss and defeat

Of pain of love and fate’s deciet?

My dear child he is best dead,

So let deaths cradle rest his head.

Valentine poem 2014

Behold the beauty forged in light,
Behold the shining star’s delight,
For all the glows fade in shame,
At her heavenly face’s sight,

Believe in beauty all you may,
All is but a child’s play,
For eyes that forced pearls to hide,
And verily turned stones to clay,

Eve mistaken for an angel’s part,
Such is the beauty of me lady’s heart,
Helping the shattered gain relief,
Fixing the ones who were torn apart,

I gave my heart to the soul so fine,
Who took away all pain of mine,
Of all the vistas of world and beyond,
Not one as ravishing as my valentine,

Wrote this one last year for “someone special” unfortunately time had other plans…..but still this valentines day I missed her more than i should’ve which brought me across this poem….everything happens for the best i suppose…


Oh son of Adam with you whim and woos,
Searching for the one in a thousand whos,
Life brought you down to the sands of pain,
Erasing what you saw in wealth and gain,
Naive may you be or may you be lost,
Your soul will be forgotton like a mere ghost,
So if you seek to be remembered by the ages,
Bring down the walls and break all your cages,
Love like nothing has ever loved before,
Once you love you’ll be forgotton nomore,
Love will make you immortal in time,
You’ll live twice,once in her and once in your rhyme,

My melody sings the songs of love,
For the fallen angel from stars above,
My heart awaits the love’s reply,
He may approve it or call it a lie,
My heart awaits the silence turned,
It wants the agony of awaiting burned,
For those three words my ears cherish,
Against my love the world may perish,