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Tag o taab ki is dunia main
Ik gham hi tha jo mera tha,
Ye ranj o alam sub meray lia,
Ik dil hi tha jo tera tha,
Saazish thi koi zmanay ki,
Jo tune bhe munh phera tha,
Is aag ugalti dunia main,
Tu hi to ik basera tha,
Yeh dard to sab paray thay,
Ik tu hi to tha jo mera tha,
Sub gum bikhar kar toot gay,
Do naino k band b phoot paray,
In sard karakti raatoon main,
Meray cheray pe haath jo phera tha,

After he left

Day 1
Today is the first day since he left and already the colours have started to fade away from life,

The rooms are darker the colours are more grey and the air is moist, maybe it’s my senses playing games with me or maybe it’s the result of my neverending tears,

I had read about the pain of loss and heard too many stories but I never imagined the reality of it to be too literal, 

The walls echo of his loss and every sound brings the news of his arrival,

Time, my mortal enemy, that which once galloped on when he was by my side, now stands still to prolong my anguish!! 

Valentine poem 2014

Behold the beauty forged in light,
Behold the shining star’s delight,
For all the glows fade in shame,
At her heavenly face’s sight,

Believe in beauty all you may,
All is but a child’s play,
For eyes that forced pearls to hide,
And verily turned stones to clay,

Eve mistaken for an angel’s part,
Such is the beauty of me lady’s heart,
Helping the shattered gain relief,
Fixing the ones who were torn apart,

I gave my heart to the soul so fine,
Who took away all pain of mine,
Of all the vistas of world and beyond,
Not one as ravishing as my valentine,

Wrote this one last year for “someone special” unfortunately time had other plans…..but still this valentines day I missed her more than i should’ve which brought me across this poem….everything happens for the best i suppose…


If i know that you are gone,
Then y won’t my heart stop the mourn,
The hopes of revival are gone forever,
Then y do i wake up to check the phone,
If i can live without your heart,
Then y does mine feels so torn,
If distance from you is what u want,
Then y is ur memmory such a thorn,
Take it away and all that u gave,
So from my own death i can reborn,
I loved to love and loved till scorn,
I loved you now even when u are gone,


A friend of mine challanges me to write a poem on the given topic…so i accepted it…the topic was magic….here goes….

Born in a world where all was wrong,
Life was sad and stories were tragic,
I found a way to turn it around,
I found a thing they called magic,

The magic to vanish sorrow’s breeze,
And make the tears go running away,
The magic that puts your worries to ease,
And starts the games you wanna play,

The magic i say is not from beyond,
It stays in us night and day,
The magic i speak is not but words,
Ones that we usually forget to say,

The magic was there for all to see,
Weather you say yay or nay,
The magic was love all along,
Cast by the gentle words you convey,


Oh son of Adam with you whim and woos,
Searching for the one in a thousand whos,
Life brought you down to the sands of pain,
Erasing what you saw in wealth and gain,
Naive may you be or may you be lost,
Your soul will be forgotton like a mere ghost,
So if you seek to be remembered by the ages,
Bring down the walls and break all your cages,
Love like nothing has ever loved before,
Once you love you’ll be forgotton nomore,
Love will make you immortal in time,
You’ll live twice,once in her and once in your rhyme,