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The Brown leaves that fell


Today when i waked under the shadow of the trees a cool blow of the breeze shook them and suddenly there were leaves cascading down all around me.As i watched them fall, those withered, broken leaves struggling to go down as the air pushed them upwards resulting in a sway to their motion i felt peace. Peace beacuse I realized that I’m not much different from them, my heart is nothing different from a leaf green with happiness but as the seasons change and it starts to die a little everyday until all it takes is one small blow to tear it apart and despite all my efforts to revive it, it keeps on falling until it reaches abyss…but i know the story doesn’t ends here, for soon the weather will change again and the same winds that brought them down will brings with them the rain that will quench the soils and bring life once again to the barren branches of life itself…thats how nature works, thats how happiness works… ;