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Fragile souls

People are nothing but lifeless bodies wandering around in the empty cocoons of the self. We pretend to be strong and willful but it’s just a facade, the truth is that nobody is as strong as they pretend to be, in fact no one is strong at all. We are all weak brittle dolls trapped inside our own cages surrounded by a world filled with hammers ready to crush ¬†our souls at each instance,once crushed our should picks itself back together and raises more walls on their own cages,crushed over and over the cages eventually turn into forts that do nothing but trap us further into our own loneliness.These strong walls are never protection enough tho, because these crushed shards of our soul are so loosely held together now that a single word, six tiny letters are enough to drag you down from the peak of glee to the dark howling depths of sorrow. I realized that when not long ago I was with my friends having a lovely time, it was long since I had laughed this much but out of the blue I heard a single word, and in an instant those six tiny letters had brought me to tears.This was really a disturbing experience for me since I rarely find myself in such a vulnerable position since most of the time I find myself untainted by the Colors of emotions and sentiment. Don’t get me wrong, I am a deeply caring guy, but when it’s about sorrow I tend to find myself on a much stronger position than others. I have crossed paths with death herself but even she couldn’t shake me as much as that tiny word did.No matter how long it has been,no matter how much you have tried,I think that our souls are always fragile enough to be crushed by weightless words.I wish it wasn’t so, but wishes rarely come true…