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The End…

Ending is a profound topic in the order of the universe. Like a stack of dominos events conspire to ultimately bring about one of the many possible outcomes and the results can be inevitable, inconclusive or insubordinate. They can be a product of out creation or the instruments to our formation.

Everything that ends opens a gateway to something new. It can be destruction, Salvation, substitution, a vivid institute or simply leading towards a void. Humans take endings with a certain severity. Fot them the emptiness that follows it signifies a staggering personality. They give endings a certain amount of time and during that period a vaccume is created which can be exhilarating and excruciating at the same time. This parallel existance of nothing and everything brings about unexpected changes. Times of great sorrow can reveal instruments of redemption, beyond incarceration we discover salvation. It is through the end that we realize that a new beginning is possible. Every tree that dies provides a chance for new flowers to bloom.