Dil jalta hai

jub tanhian satati hain to dil jalta hai
udaasian rulati hain to dil jalta hai

khamoshian chaatin hain to dil jalta hai
mehfilain bulati hain to dil jalta hai

jub armaan bikhartay hain to dil jalta hai
aansoo girtay hain to dil jalta hai

raatain jub toofaan ban k barasti hain
aandhian chalti hain aur dil jalta hai

door rehtay ho jubke tum dil se
par yaad jab aati hai to dil jalta hai

rooth gay ab to zindagi ki saari khushion se
saansain ab aati hain to dil jalta hai

kat-tay hain din ab aarzo-e-shab main
dil ab dharakta hai to bhi dil jalta hai


The dead poet

Who and why do you cry for?A dead mans heart beats no more,

What breaths he held upon his lips,

Down the burial ground go pour,

Death of a man the world behold,

But dead men die once no more,

Dead was the day his heart was broke,

Today a soulless body had a stroke,

Cries and weeps and screams and shreaks

Won’t bring him back and bring back what for?

All the lost love’s vigor?

bring him back once what for?

All the dreams that hurt no more?

bring him back once what for?

All the pain of loss and defeat

Of pain of love and fate’s deciet?

My dear child he is best dead,

So let deaths cradle rest his head.

Valentine poem 2014

Behold the beauty forged in light,
Behold the shining star’s delight,
For all the glows fade in shame,
At her heavenly face’s sight,

Believe in beauty all you may,
All is but a child’s play,
For eyes that forced pearls to hide,
And verily turned stones to clay,

Eve mistaken for an angel’s part,
Such is the beauty of me lady’s heart,
Helping the shattered gain relief,
Fixing the ones who were torn apart,

I gave my heart to the soul so fine,
Who took away all pain of mine,
Of all the vistas of world and beyond,
Not one as ravishing as my valentine,

Wrote this one last year for “someone special” unfortunately time had other plans…..but still this valentines day I missed her more than i should’ve which brought me across this poem….everything happens for the best i suppose…

Rose tree

I watered a seed and hoped for a rose,
I waited a lifetime to watch as it grows,

I gave it protection and all its needs,
Opun my life the rose tree feeds,

Delighted to see the fruit of my work,
I saw it blossom with an evil smirk,

The rose i gave my life’s worth worn,
Brought for me a long line of thorn,

Maybe i deserve what it has foreseen,
Maybe thats the price to have a dream,

Although a world of pain but it is for me,
i cannot stop loving my pretty rose tree…

To Be or Not To Be

When it comes to depth words cannot convey it.they are merely the vessels through which the essence of your heart and soul transfer through to some dark corner of the abyss to be forgotton forever…I don’t know what shakespere tried to put in them when he said “to be or not to be THAT is the question” such simple and meaningless words to look at and songs of a fool when listened to…but when u are backed into a cornor with deciet and despair all around.Sorrow becomes a spiteful bliss and amusements bore your times of pain…you start to look for meanings in the unknown and you ask yourself to be or not to be?? The answers evade you but it matters not.. Because the question itself is a curse…to be a smite on a face of deciet or the decietful graves call you with open arms and the blood of your veins trembles to be free in a desprate rebellion.

Words by mehndi hassan!!

Ek zara sa gam-e-dooran ka b haq tha jis par,
Main ne wo saans bhe teray liay rakh chori hai,
Main tassawur bhi judai ka bhala kaisay karoon,
Main ne qismat ki lakeeron se churaya hai tujhe,

Payar ka ban k nigehbaan tujhe chahoon ga,
Main to mar k bhi meri jaan tujhe chahoon ga,

Zindgi main to sabhi payar kia kartay hain……


If i know that you are gone,
Then y won’t my heart stop the mourn,
The hopes of revival are gone forever,
Then y do i wake up to check the phone,
If i can live without your heart,
Then y does mine feels so torn,
If distance from you is what u want,
Then y is ur memmory such a thorn,
Take it away and all that u gave,
So from my own death i can reborn,
I loved to love and loved till scorn,
I loved you now even when u are gone,

When everything is lost

Usually when I’m sad i write a peom about it, but today i decided to write because what i feel is not gonna be easy to turn into a poem…or maybe I’ve just lost everything including my gift for poetry…Soo yeah I’m sad today and more than that I’m lost, because I’m not too sure about who i am or what does life wants from me.Every now and then i end up losing everything and when I’m stuck in that void i try talking it out with someone,but this time EVERYTHING includes the people i talk to…”Everything” is such a small word when you use it to describe what you’ve lost but alas its all i have for now…my life is a sad poetry and at the end of it all its words will end up being BURRIED forever without ever being read and this beautiful BEAUTIFUL pain of mine is going to be lost forever.So today I’m leaving a trail of breadcrums on this graveyard called the internet…maybe someday someone will be able to relate and there will be one less lonely soul….


An eternity to bring us close together
Took mere minuits for sorrow to gather
Took my life away from you
And left me empty through and through
I walked through flames
And rose from the ashes
I loved like no other
And lost in masses
Lost in void
I waited for Deliverance
Realizing that I’m nothing
But a mere insagnificance!!

The End…

Ending is a profound topic in the order of the universe. Like a stack of dominos events conspire to ultimately bring about one of the many possible outcomes and the results can be inevitable, inconclusive or insubordinate. They can be a product of out creation or the instruments to our formation.

Everything that ends opens a gateway to something new. It can be destruction, Salvation, substitution, a vivid institute or simply leading towards a void. Humans take endings with a certain severity. Fot them the emptiness that follows it signifies a staggering personality. They give endings a certain amount of time and during that period a vaccume is created which can be exhilarating and excruciating at the same time. This parallel existance of nothing and everything brings about unexpected changes. Times of great sorrow can reveal instruments of redemption, beyond incarceration we discover salvation. It is through the end that we realize that a new beginning is possible. Every tree that dies provides a chance for new flowers to bloom.