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Tag o taab ki is dunia main
Ik gham hi tha jo mera tha,
Ye ranj o alam sub meray lia,
Ik dil hi tha jo tera tha,
Saazish thi koi zmanay ki,
Jo tune bhe munh phera tha,
Is aag ugalti dunia main,
Tu hi to ik basera tha,
Yeh dard to sab paray thay,
Ik tu hi to tha jo mera tha,
Sub gum bikhar kar toot gay,
Do naino k band b phoot paray,
In sard karakti raatoon main,
Meray cheray pe haath jo phera tha,

I’m awake in the infinite cold

Inspired by a friend’s whatsapp status…

a tale travels within these winds,
one that will surely go untold,

As the skies bring clouds of gloom,
Chaos rains and Armageddons unfold,

I see around the dance of death,
Of joy, of heart, for silver and gold,

humanity dies as their souls froze,
possessed by greed,their warmth is sold,

My wounded heart bleeds red today,
As the last survivor of destiny’s hold,

I share the warmth of love with all,
And see the truths of life so bold,

Every soul,it sleeps ,
All their warmth, they sold,

Humanity dies a freezing death,
I’m awake in the infinite cold,

Threads of fate

Behold thefine threads of fate 

Woven neatly through times ahead
Peering through the race of mankind

Walking among the land of dead
Threads coloured black and blue

Mine coloured the rosy red
Weaving through the colours of life

Wondering where the divine lead
My thread bent and swirled and twined

Till it lost its rosy red
Now among the darkest lines 

A little bit rosy, a tad bit bruised,

A little bit tainted with the colour of dead

Duain kia kartay thay

shab e tanhai main jub aahain bhartay thay
dard e dil ki tum sadaain kia kartay thay

ho chuka sub aah ka samaan sub
jis shoq ki tum duyain kia kartay thay

di tasalli na dil ko na dilasa dia kisi ne
is shab e gum main humain rula sa dia kisi ne

un se rooth pao gay to jaanain gay khoob
hum se to bari jafain kia kartay thay

khoab rahay na aarzoo na raha ab chain koi
bari be taabi se tum balain lia kartay thay

dhoonday na milay gi ab dawa us dard ki
jis dard ki rub se duain kia kartay thay

Dil jalta hai

jub tanhian satati hain to dil jalta hai
udaasian rulati hain to dil jalta hai

khamoshian chaatin hain to dil jalta hai
mehfilain bulati hain to dil jalta hai

jub armaan bikhartay hain to dil jalta hai
aansoo girtay hain to dil jalta hai

raatain jub toofaan ban k barasti hain
aandhian chalti hain aur dil jalta hai

door rehtay ho jubke tum dil se
par yaad jab aati hai to dil jalta hai

rooth gay ab to zindagi ki saari khushion se
saansain ab aati hain to dil jalta hai

kat-tay hain din ab aarzo-e-shab main
dil ab dharakta hai to bhi dil jalta hai

The dead poet

Who and why do you cry for?A dead mans heart beats no more,

What breaths he held upon his lips,

Down the burial ground go pour,

Death of a man the world behold,

But dead men die once no more,

Dead was the day his heart was broke,

Today a soulless body had a stroke,

Cries and weeps and screams and shreaks

Won’t bring him back and bring back what for?

All the lost love’s vigor?

bring him back once what for?

All the dreams that hurt no more?

bring him back once what for?

All the pain of loss and defeat

Of pain of love and fate’s deciet?

My dear child he is best dead,

So let deaths cradle rest his head.

Valentine poem 2014

Behold the beauty forged in light,
Behold the shining star’s delight,
For all the glows fade in shame,
At her heavenly face’s sight,

Believe in beauty all you may,
All is but a child’s play,
For eyes that forced pearls to hide,
And verily turned stones to clay,

Eve mistaken for an angel’s part,
Such is the beauty of me lady’s heart,
Helping the shattered gain relief,
Fixing the ones who were torn apart,

I gave my heart to the soul so fine,
Who took away all pain of mine,
Of all the vistas of world and beyond,
Not one as ravishing as my valentine,

Wrote this one last year for “someone special” unfortunately time had other plans…..but still this valentines day I missed her more than i should’ve which brought me across this poem….everything happens for the best i suppose…

Rose tree

I watered a seed and hoped for a rose,
I waited a lifetime to watch as it grows,

I gave it protection and all its needs,
Opun my life the rose tree feeds,

Delighted to see the fruit of my work,
I saw it blossom with an evil smirk,

The rose i gave my life’s worth worn,
Brought for me a long line of thorn,

Maybe i deserve what it has foreseen,
Maybe thats the price to have a dream,

Although a world of pain but it is for me,
i cannot stop loving my pretty rose tree…


If i know that you are gone,
Then y won’t my heart stop the mourn,
The hopes of revival are gone forever,
Then y do i wake up to check the phone,
If i can live without your heart,
Then y does mine feels so torn,
If distance from you is what u want,
Then y is ur memmory such a thorn,
Take it away and all that u gave,
So from my own death i can reborn,
I loved to love and loved till scorn,
I loved you now even when u are gone,


An eternity to bring us close together
Took mere minuits for sorrow to gather
Took my life away from you
And left me empty through and through
I walked through flames
And rose from the ashes
I loved like no other
And lost in masses
Lost in void
I waited for Deliverance
Realizing that I’m nothing
But a mere insagnificance!!