You once asked me who I am and Naive as I was could not say anything but “nothing”.Today after all these years i realised that you never understood what it ment to be nothing.I was nothing and that made me a part of everything, the sun, the stars,the moon and mars, I was the the hum before a song and the hush after, I was the day that lit up and the night consumed in darkness, I was the thunder,the clouds and the rains alike, drowned in my own darkness i was buried so deep that the slightest shimmers became blinding bright, I was the Blood underyour skin and the the sand under your feet, I was the roof above your head and I was the beautiful lie. I was life itself and the death that follows, I was all that because everything comes from nothing and moves to nothing. Being nothing gave me the freedom to become everything, i was the universe in all its glory and a speck of void all the same. Like an empty canvas I presented myself to be painted but weighed aginst rocks and wood and metal and goods you could not understand the worth of nothing because it was too big and far too strange for a merchant to understand the worth of goods he connot count or contain. I gave you infinity and you ran towards the comfort of numbers, gasping towards the glimmer of stars while the sun was at your doorstep. I am nothing and I will be nothing that is the ultimate form of being. That what you could not comprehend could never appreciate. One day you will lose yourself and become nothing and on that day the answers will dawn a new light in the emptiness of your abyss. Being nothing is absolute.


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