Winter madness 

These past few days I’ve found myself frantically clinging to screens. I’d desperately try to keep my mind occupied and kept it jumping from one task to another. I don’t know what drives this desperation but i feel as if stopping to to take a breath is going to shatter my entire existence. I don’t laugh or cry nor do i feel any emotion. It’s as if everything has gone numb and pain has taken over my existence once more. Only if there was a way to understand it… my own self is slipping away from my clutches and I know not who or what I am!!! It’s not my first visit to this barren wasteland so I do know my way around it pretty well, but still, when old wounds are left unattended they grow instead of healing and mine have grown to the size where warm blood gushes from them to drown the peaks of my hopes, ambitions, dreams and all that i hold dear…like well timed flood this will eventually pass leaving nothing but destruction behind. I,once again will be left to start from the scratch. I lay tired , waiting once more for the day I can sleep in peace…what a bright way to start the new year and such a happy birthday it is for me…its been 3 years and I’ve hated no day more than this…


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