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Tag o taab ki is dunia main
Ik gham hi tha jo mera tha,
Ye ranj o alam sub meray lia,
Ik dil hi tha jo tera tha,
Saazish thi koi zmanay ki,
Jo tune bhe munh phera tha,
Is aag ugalti dunia main,
Tu hi to ik basera tha,
Yeh dard to sab paray thay,
Ik tu hi to tha jo mera tha,
Sub gum bikhar kar toot gay,
Do naino k band b phoot paray,
In sard karakti raatoon main,
Meray cheray pe haath jo phera tha,

I’m awake in the infinite cold

Inspired by a friend’s whatsapp status…

a tale travels within these winds,
one that will surely go untold,

As the skies bring clouds of gloom,
Chaos rains and Armageddons unfold,

I see around the dance of death,
Of joy, of heart, for silver and gold,

humanity dies as their souls froze,
possessed by greed,their warmth is sold,

My wounded heart bleeds red today,
As the last survivor of destiny’s hold,

I share the warmth of love with all,
And see the truths of life so bold,

Every soul,it sleeps ,
All their warmth, they sold,

Humanity dies a freezing death,
I’m awake in the infinite cold,