Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Ultimate solution

People often wish for the ability to peek into the future and witness it before hand so that they can mold it into the shape they want it to be. I often dream of having such power, i’m really not sure if i should call it a dream because the reality of it all seems so vivid that i feel like i was actually there. Leaping back and forth in time and space, watching events unfold, people’s lives from a spectator’s point of view.It’s as if within that moment i am watching a play and I’ve already read the script a million times, as if i know all the characters and their roles intimately and understand the bubbles they live in.Sometimes I see a random stranger go through a tragedy brought upon them through an intricate flow of events, incidents occurring at exactly the right place precisely the correct time and in the most accurate order possible.I don’t remember much from these visions but the lessons I learnt from them were quiet clear, I understood what i was supposed to learn from each story and forgot the rest. That would be  the most efficient way to absorb maximum information from all the lives I’ve lived within those visions. The one thing they taught me perfectly was that pain and sorrow are not our enemies but  on the contrary are our best friends who come into our lives to teach us some important lessons.Throughout time I have never seen pain that comes to a person without bearing gifts of wisdom,understanding,maturity or a lesson, sometimes the gifts are grater in numbers than others but there is always a gift hidden in there somewhere.It’s understandable to hate the pain a character goes through in the first act of the play but once you’ve been through the whole script you begin to understand that the pain was essential for the development of the character into the person we see during the later acts of the play.I see my future in those visions and i see the person i become after going through the immense possibilities of life.In time we learn to love the pain life gives us and start wearing the scars as decorative medals of insight because we understand that they are a part of us and we accept them as such.leaping forward in time would be the most useless power to have because a life without mistakes or regrets wouldn’t be a life worth living it’s the problems that keep things interested and keep us preoccupied enough with life that we don’t get bored.So even though i have the power to change my future i wouldn’t change a thing because changing it to have any less problems or mistakes would mean that i also won’t be receiving the lessons that i would’ve learnt from them and that’s not something I would ever want.