Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rose tree

I watered a seed and hoped for a rose,
I waited a lifetime to watch as it grows,

I gave it protection and all its needs,
Opun my life the rose tree feeds,

Delighted to see the fruit of my work,
I saw it blossom with an evil smirk,

The rose i gave my life’s worth worn,
Brought for me a long line of thorn,

Maybe i deserve what it has foreseen,
Maybe thats the price to have a dream,

Although a world of pain but it is for me,
i cannot stop loving my pretty rose tree…


To Be or Not To Be

When it comes to depth words cannot convey it.they are merely the vessels through which the essence of your heart and soul transfer through to some dark corner of the abyss to be forgotton forever…I don’t know what shakespere tried to put in them when he said “to be or not to be THAT is the question” such simple and meaningless words to look at and songs of a fool when listened to…but when u are backed into a cornor with deciet and despair all around.Sorrow becomes a spiteful bliss and amusements bore your times of pain…you start to look for meanings in the unknown and you ask yourself to be or not to be?? The answers evade you but it matters not.. Because the question itself is a curse…to be a smite on a face of deciet or the decietful graves call you with open arms and the blood of your veins trembles to be free in a desprate rebellion.