When everything is lost

Usually when I’m sad i write a peom about it, but today i decided to write because what i feel is not gonna be easy to turn into a poem…or maybe I’ve just lost everything including my gift for poetry…Soo yeah I’m sad today and more than that I’m lost, because I’m not too sure about who i am or what does life wants from me.Every now and then i end up losing everything and when I’m stuck in that void i try talking it out with someone,but this time EVERYTHING includes the people i talk to…”Everything” is such a small word when you use it to describe what you’ve lost but alas its all i have for now…my life is a sad poetry and at the end of it all its words will end up being BURRIED forever without ever being read and this beautiful BEAUTIFUL pain of mine is going to be lost forever.So today I’m leaving a trail of breadcrums on this graveyard called the internet…maybe someday someone will be able to relate and there will be one less lonely soul….


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