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Words by mehndi hassan!!

Ek zara sa gam-e-dooran ka b haq tha jis par,
Main ne wo saans bhe teray liay rakh chori hai,
Main tassawur bhi judai ka bhala kaisay karoon,
Main ne qismat ki lakeeron se churaya hai tujhe,

Payar ka ban k nigehbaan tujhe chahoon ga,
Main to mar k bhi meri jaan tujhe chahoon ga,

Zindgi main to sabhi payar kia kartay hain……



If i know that you are gone,
Then y won’t my heart stop the mourn,
The hopes of revival are gone forever,
Then y do i wake up to check the phone,
If i can live without your heart,
Then y does mine feels so torn,
If distance from you is what u want,
Then y is ur memmory such a thorn,
Take it away and all that u gave,
So from my own death i can reborn,
I loved to love and loved till scorn,
I loved you now even when u are gone,

When everything is lost

Usually when I’m sad i write a peom about it, but today i decided to write because what i feel is not gonna be easy to turn into a poem…or maybe I’ve just lost everything including my gift for poetry…Soo yeah I’m sad today and more than that I’m lost, because I’m not too sure about who i am or what does life wants from me.Every now and then i end up losing everything and when I’m stuck in that void i try talking it out with someone,but this time EVERYTHING includes the people i talk to…”Everything” is such a small word when you use it to describe what you’ve lost but alas its all i have for now…my life is a sad poetry and at the end of it all its words will end up being BURRIED forever without ever being read and this beautiful BEAUTIFUL pain of mine is going to be lost forever.So today I’m leaving a trail of breadcrums on this graveyard called the internet…maybe someday someone will be able to relate and there will be one less lonely soul….


An eternity to bring us close together
Took mere minuits for sorrow to gather
Took my life away from you
And left me empty through and through
I walked through flames
And rose from the ashes
I loved like no other
And lost in masses
Lost in void
I waited for Deliverance
Realizing that I’m nothing
But a mere insagnificance!!