The Price of Life

There comes  a time when you look around and see grey everywhere, the colors of life faded and the expressions all look blank, the sound of life echos no more and silence whispers in every rank.Life takes a toll for all our happiness, usually it takes more than it gives.The price may not seem too much but after a while you enter  a dark corner and nothing but black surrounds you, you hear no one and you see nothing, you pretend to breath and smile at the emptiness.For a while now I’ve realized that most of the emptiness is a consequence of my personal endeavors for comfort and peace. I push people away and then I sit back and wallow about being alone, I shouldn’t be doing that but i find it difficult to detach myself from this vicious cycle….Sometimes I think maybe because i like the pain of being alone that’s why i cant let it go or maybe its become something of a habit, I write a lot but words never seem to suffice for all that goes around in my mind.With that being said I don’t think there’s a way to evade Life’s toll…We all suffer, one way or another…


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