The Mask I forgot about

This morning when I woke up and looked myself in the mirror I saw something strange, I saw a guy with a smile on his face and he looked beautiful, he looked like a stranger.Everyday I look at myself and try to see what others do, every day I take a few seconds and do nothing but observe.Like an actor giving finishing touches to his makeup, like a deamon putting on his mask to blend in, because the second i walk out that door I am forced to be the person I’m not, sometimes even someone I completely despise.Not because I want to be, but because I have to be, and today I think i got so good at my act that it crept into my existance, I know who I am, but for a breif second i forgot who i was and in that second I saw nothing broken or damaged.Just a simple guy living his life, sometimes i wish life was as simple as that, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to pretend.I tried a few times but a gimps of my real face terrifed them maybe because people are afraid of what they cannot understand or they are so prisistant on their own ideas and beliefs that they don’t like anyone to think otherwise.Whatever it may be I know now that I have a mask on and I know i have to keep it there until the world around me is ready for what awaits beneath it…..


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