A lesson for all

During your whole lifetime you come across various situations, some you overcome and some give you important lessons.I always considered myself to be somewhat smarter than others, I used to think that I’m sitting in a room filled with ducks, surrounded by people who don’t look at things through more than one prespective.But later as I grew I realised that the world is filled with people much more smarter than I am and those whome I once considered shallow gave out attributes of vast depth and intelligence far greater than my comprehension.As I learnt I grew and the more I grew the smaller I became because now when I look around myself I see not people but machines, performing better faster and more efficiently than I ever could.
One thing that still illudes me is that how can something so greater than me lack in the basic of all concepts, the concept of understanding, not just the tasks and commands they are supposed to do but the one thing that made us humans, a thing called curiosity.People are always usually curious over the whos, whats, whens and wheres but they don’t seem to care about the whys.why is that guy sitting alone in the corner??, why is she always so angry?, why is the world loosing humanity?…The only simple answer is that its because we don’t care about the whys anymore…someone may have yelled at you today but maybe its because they are sad over loosing a loved one and are emotionally unstable or when someone bully’s you maybe its because he was bullied by life…I’ve been bullied all my life and the one thing I saw in each bully’s eyes was sorrow, all of them, no matter how strong, fierce or aggressive, were sad over something, and in their weakest moments they turned towards aggression…this is what my life taught me, that if I’m curious enough about the why, the what won’t bother me anymore….


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