The Black Sheep

Everytime i try to do something good,something far worse than i can ever imagine happens…everytime i find a tinge of happiness,sorrow sorrounds me like a pack of wolves,ruthless and ready as ever to tear me apart.I try my best to be a part of the heard but whatever i do it always turns out to be a huge mistake.I want to feel like all the others,i want to feel safe in this heard of humanity,but alas,i can’t.there is always going to be a target on my back because i am not like the others,its not my fault but there is nothing i can do to change it either…i just keep trying to blend in everyday…trying to be a white sheep but every now and then my gaze slips towards the puddle of tears,and there,lying on the floor is the reason for my abomination…my true colours..
I am not a white sheep,i never was but what they don’t understand is that under all these colours i am as much a sheep as they are…but these wolves the houl at the different more than all else,they pick them out and tear them apart until there is nothing left but emptiness…


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