Run Away

Sometimes i feel like there’s nowhere i belong,no one i can turn to,no one to love….i just feel like that wherever i see i look at strangers,complete and utter strangers,in my family,in my friends and sometimes even in the ones i turn to for help.I feel like there’s nowhere i belong and that just makes me feel like i should tum away and just leave everything behind…
Although the idea of running away may come as cowardly to some and most will deem it foolish…but try looking at it through me…Whenever i think of running away i don’t look towards a life of wealth and fame, i just need a small cottage in the middle of nowhere bits and pieces of food and nothing more than that…parhaps something i long for most is love…but love has strange ways to come to you….I’m just a small guy from a small town…i dream big but i don’t want big…all i want is to have the smallest of houses,the simplest of things and lots of love…
Although my life is a miss,my dreams perished,my goals shattered i don’t know whats keeping its my resposibilities holding me to the ground or my love towards the ones i cannot live without…whatever it may be,i find myself standing on a crossroad forced to make a choice i don’t want to…i wish i didn’t have to do that…i wish i could just run away….


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