I write a poem upon this shore,
I write my love for all is true,
An ocean between me and sun,
Two oceans seperating me and you,
An ocean that eats ships in whole,
Another to kill the wills and woo,
One that holds a thousand treasures,
Other what treasures are found to do,
A watery grave that streaches afar,
Know to all as the deep blue,
latter is the ocean made of riches,
The ones i have not and ones that you do,
Scary waters are easy to tame,
For their might is no more than a mere flu,
But riches,my love are grizzling beast,
Tearing the flesh off many for few,
To battle the world of riches and dime,
My fair queen is a crime,
For you are the one that hold the castles,
And all the worldly pains are mine,
To reach the top is difficult indeed,
But impossible in the given time,
Although my love we see two oceans,
Let comfort be yours and troubles be mine,


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